Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 6.09.02 PMIt Runs Around the Room with Us

“It Runs Around the Room with Us is largely about the ravages of time and forces the listener to pause and reflect. The instrumentation is extremely visceral and visual and the vocals are delivered with a world weariness that lulls the listener into an introspective torpor before breaking the reverie with a fuzzed out guitar riff by Kirby, a well placed vamp by drummer Jon Fust, or Pollard’s throat shredding scream. It’s amazing that an album about the impossibility of holding anything from time’s grasping claws–about emptiness–could be so full and complete.” Northwest Music Scene

Released April 21, 2017

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Twilight Midnight Morning

“It’s quite a journey, one which those who haven’t heard SBS lately might not expect. In a departure from the group’s earlier blues-heavy sound, Twilight’s eerie tunes, sinuous grooves and waves of voices, riffs and hallucinatory noises call to mind early Funkadelic andBitches Brew-era Miles Davis. Metal-centric music blog The Obelisk called Twilight “a gorgeous wash that careens between minimalist openness, dual vocals that capture folkish intent with zero folkish pretense and psychedelic guitar howl, all the while swirling with experimental undercurrents and ambient heft.” Boise Weekly

Released June 23, 2015
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Samhain Variations: in flight raid wake up i don’t know

“Samhain Variations is a twisted barrage of alternately hypnotic and assaulting sounds, feeling like an exponential expansion of some of the ambient back end of summer-2015’s Twilight Midnight Morning, with which I remain enamored. The difference is that where those were smaller pieces that, at times, seemed to touch back down to solid footing reminding of the album’s more straightforward beginning movement, Samhain Variations is an ethereal wash that trades back and forth between melodic and amelodic, touching on the memorable “West the Sun” at the launch of “Halloween Variation II,” but ultimately shaping itself into an unrecognizable form.” – The Obelisk

Released October 30, 2015

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Live from The Banana Stand

Boise’s Sun Blood Stories wrote us in early 2014 to share their track Desert for Days. Heavy, distorted, and spooky, the song’s distinctive, psychedelic energy felt like a midnight mushroom trip careening into and out of control. We were hooked. Emailing with Sun Blood Stories rapidly revealed their thoughtful approach and professionalism, and made us all the more excited to host the band in June 2014.

Listening to their performance, I feel very lucky they made the trip. Ben Kirby’s cool, fuzzy guitar riffs, Brett Hawkins’ garagey, off-beat drumming, Amber Pollard’s otherworldly slide-guitar, and Pollard’s and Kirby’s eerie vocals combined to make a uniquely haunting live record, and one which we’re proud to add to our library. You should add it to your library, too. It only costs pay-what-you-want.

If Sun Blood Stories and Treefort Music Festival are any indication, Boise really might be the post-Portland cultural mecca we’re all looking for. Sorry in advance, Boise.


Sun Blood Stories – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on June 20th, 2014 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The Banana Stand
Released August 14, 2015