About Us

Sun Blood Stories is still here. Fueled by paranoia and hope, wonder and rage, they do what they do like it’s the last time they’ll do it because one day it will be. They miss you.

Over the years the band has taken on many forms. This current arrangement is the realization of a sedulous refining process. Sun Blood Stories is dreamy, aware, personal, open, fuzzed out, and loud af.

Bass, Synth / Cody Goin

Vocals, Slide Guitar / Amber Pollard

Drums / Wade Ronsse

Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar / Ben Kirby

Based in the territory of the Shoshone, Bannock & Northern Paiute people now referred to as Boise, Idaho.

Genre: rock; high desert experimental psych-fuzz; a mass of harmonic noise distilled into occasionally delicate, but always haunting songs.

by Lila Streicher