Up Comes The Tunnel by Sun Blood Stories starts off with almost otherworldly sounds and deep hushed vocals. The effect is trippy, maybe even a bit creepy and dangerous signalling that we are not in Kansas anymore…. no… but maybe in Boise, Idaho which is where the band, consisting of Jon Fust, Amber Pollard and Ben Kirby are based out of. They are not from some fog shrouded wooded other world but their sound, their aesthetic, cut and blended with big post punk tones, slices of heavy metal blues rock and dripping with horror pop and psychedelia in such a delicious and, dare I say, deadly way. Love the evocative tones, the boy / girl vox and levels of textures exhibited in all it audacious glory so much. It is so weird but as I listened to Up Comes The Tunnel I thought of artists like Led Zeppelin, Ty Segall, The Doors and King Crimson all at once.  Read More

Stonerand More says “…these amazing melodies that float in space, these notes of rare sensitivity. 3 musicians in symbiosis that offer their soul through this music, intense and timeless … Close your eyes and let the magic happen!” ‬

– Stoner and More

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“I’m so pleased with the vocals on “Haunt Yourself” as the members of Sun Blood Stories step out from behind their mask of sonic texture (aka “high desert psych fuzz”), kicking off with Kirby’s breathiness on this track, and spotlighting Amber Pollard’s strong and sultry stylings throughout!! This is the album I’ve been waiting for from Sun Blood Stories, and–you might not know it yet–but, it’s the album YOU’VE been waiting for!!”

– The Evening Class

Treefort Music Fest is just around the corner! Sun Blood Stories is scheduled to perform Friday, March 22nd at 10p at the Linen Building. Check out Friday night’s line up featuring Divide and Dissolve and LOW and add us to your Treefort Schedule.

Need more reasons to add us to your schedule? Ok. We’ll be performing an all new set that has been performed live only once before at RX Fest in Portland (February of 2019). We’ve given Jon a microphone and boy can work it. Proof of each of these reasons has been provided below in the form of a photograph taken by Dylan Evanston.

Also, this could be your chance to get a solid preview of what our new album, Haunt Yourself, sounds like before anyone else.