Later that night, a mesmerizing set of psychedelic noise from Boise’s own Sun Blood Stories brought the Water Cooler close to capacity, with a slew of guest musicians joining in for the band’s finale. Holland Andrews lent her voice again, this time combining with Sun Blood Stories’ slide guitarist Amber Pollard. Both singers knelt down at the edge of the stage, as they layered their splintering and soulful voices over the spaced-out barrage of noise coming from the band. The result was extraordinary to witness up close, and it’s impossible to imagine anyone in attendance leaving the venue unmoved by the staggering passion that poured off of that cramped stage.

Sun Blood Stories at Treefort 2015
Photo: Chipp Terwilliger

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“He was standing on the drum set playing and he was crowd-surfing, playing into the ceiling,” Amber Pollard said. “And then all of a sudden… it was Andy everywhere.”

“I think someone licked my guitar during that show,” Ben Kirby added.

In August, Sun Blood Stories traveled out to Portland, Ore. After playing a couple of gigs, the band stayed with a circus troupe whose members had all dropped acid that night. “We weren’t on acid, but they were,” Kirby said. “They didn’t have any extra acid.”

“No, they did,” Pollard said. “We just had, like, three hours before we had to drive back to Boise, so we needed to take a nap.”


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This is the first video with nudity at DanceLand so I guess we’re heading in a slightly more adult-focused direction here than we were at All World Dance.

But I’m posting this because it’s a beautiful dance well-matched to a great piece of music with excellent cinematography.

The Desert features the music of Sun Blood Stories. The video was directed by Jason Andrew Willford, choreographed by Daniel Ojeda and danced by Maria Deorodeo.

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Sun Blood Stories – The Desert from Jason Andrew Willford on Vimeo.


But earlier this year, Kirby filled out the act with drums, bass, keys and saxophone, turning Sun Blood Stories from a strong solo act to one of Boise’s best bands with wider-than-usual appeal.

What really makes Sun Blood Stories great is that if you strip it all away–the roundhouse heavy beats, the sultry sax, the smoothness of the organ and the low pulse of the bass–you still have songs that will chill your bones and licks that seem plucked straight from a Southern crossroads at midnight.


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