If Sun Blood Stories‘ It Runs Around the Room with Us doesn’t demand a headphone listen, that’s only because it’s too classy, too subtle and too busy doing its own work to go around making demands in the first place. It is the third full-length from the Boise, Idaho-based Sun Blood Stories, following behind 2015’s Twilight Midnight Morning (review here) and their 2013 debut, The Electric Years, and its weighted high-desert shoegaze moodiness works in part to codify the experimentalism that has thus far been at root in the band’s sound. Emphasis on “in part,” because Sun Blood Stories still offer plenty of fare throughout these nine tracks/46 minutes, but where Twilight Midnight Morning nearly split itself in half between drone-outs and more traditional song structures, It Runs Around the Room with Us — a title that would seem to speak to the energy of its own creation — effectively bridges the gap between those two sides.

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New release from Boise experimental band Sun Blood Stories. The new album is called It Runs Around the Room with Us. The high-desert experimental rock band hits all the weird spots in the best ways with their new release. It Runs Around the Room with Us brings you in close and gets intimate, then grabs your sanity by the eardrums and takes it for the ride of it’s life. The songwriting and flow of the album is seriously so good, it’s like Sun Blood Stories knows what you want to hear and guides you on that journey. The more mind-ripping tracks like “Great Destroyer”, “Echoer Approach”, and “Nothing Sacred Will Hold” has such an excellent groovy rhythm section underneath the chaos of the slide guitar. In other tracks the drums seem to be used as a tension release, which gives such a great feeling with this type of psychedelic rock. It Runs Around the Room with Us is one of the best albums I’ve listened to in the last couple of years. So if you’re able to catch Sun Blood Stories live I highly recommend that you attend.


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Gird your loins folks, the latest album from Sun Blood Stories is out today April 21st anno domini 2017. Recorded by the band in a Boise basement, It Runs Around the Room with Us begins with a soft, melancholic ballad that nebulously floats above a heavy fog of ambient droning noise. It explores the ineffable feeling of depressive loss in the early hours of evening and, according to vocalist Amber Pollard, describes the feeling of arriving at a destination only to realize it wasn’t quite what you hoped it might be. Sun Blood Stories succeeds in materializing this vision that is effectively continued into “Step Softly Ghost” which has the sultry plod and harmonic timbre of an early Grizzly Bear album before solidifying into a high gain guitar chunk slugfest.

In “Great Destroyer,” the band describes the obliterating nature of time that, like its primordial titan Kronos, consumes its young–no sooner giving life than initiating the process of decay. Vocalist Ben Kirby sings in a detached, deadpan drawl, “great destroyer, roll on” highlighting the simultaneously linear and cyclical nature of time. History travels in Hegelian spirals, ever repeating yet ever moving in some direction. This direction, Sun Blood Stories (and our own inborn inclinations) posits, is toward utter annihilation invoking Manhattan project spearhead, Oppenheimer’s apocalyptic interpretation of Vishnu’s words in the Bhagavad-Gita “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Time is an obsession of Sun Blood Stories, which given their propensity for drone, makes a lot of sense. They zoom in on a moment breaking down notes into their undulating reverberations as they exegete tone beyond a notes placement on a page. In “Time Like Smoke” (the longest track on the album), the image of smoke’s scintillating expansion holds the listener within it’s own limbo. Sounds, not necessarily discordant, but only secondarily connected rabbit trail off into unknown spaces alongside the main, ethereal melody in a similar manner to Boris’ drone masterpiece, Flood.


A sweet venue just west of the main stage, the Linen Building lands one of Boise’s best local bands-Sun Blood Stories. These rockers are an amalgamation of psychedelic rock and spiritual journey and with a nice bar setup in the back you’ll definitely want a cocktail in hand for this excellent set. Set to release their latest album It Runs Around The Room With Us next month, Sun Blood Stories is sure to blow the roof off the place with some amazing new tracks.

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Boise, Idaho, psychedelic experimentalists Sun Blood Stories recently succeeded crowdfunding a vinyl release for their upcoming album, It Runs Around the Room with Us, raising over $1,300 in about eight hours. In the interest of full disclosure, I also contributed to it. Having previously heard the track “The Great Destroyer,” for which you can see their brand new video below, I knew it was a cause worth supporting, never mind the ongoing thrills their 2015 outing, Twilight Midnight Morning (review here), has on offer. Like I said, they met their goal handily, and decided to donate the overflow to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund. Causes worth supporting all around, then.

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Sun Blood Stories’ second album, Twilight Midnight Morning (Obsolete Media Objects, 2015), was one of the best local releases of 2015. At the El Korah Shrine on March 24, the dark psychedelic rock band played a set of songs from its upcoming third album. The spacey drones, tangled guitar lines, howled vocals and muscular rhythms sounded even fiercer and more mesmerizing than the group’s earlier material.

“I am the turner of the new soil,” sang Ben Kirby and Amber Pollard. “I am the burner of the old.”

Sun Blood Stories at El Korah Shrine Treefort 2016
Photo: Ben Schultz

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