Sun Blood Stories Takes Neurolux on a Trip Through ‘Twilight Midnight Morning’

When the members of Sun Blood Stories spoke with Boise Weekly earlier this month, they talked about a problem they encounter when performing songs from their new album, Twilight Midnight Morning (Obsolete Media Objects, 2015). They enjoy playing the material live, but other songs just don’t seem to fit into the set.

“We talked about possibly interjecting new songs,” Amber Pollard said. “We have other songs; we’ve written other songs. But this album needs these songs, and we need to play it this way. It doesn’t work any other [way].”

SBS’s album release show at Neurolux on June 23, supported Pollard’s statement. The local quintet played through almost all of Twilight to a crowd of more than 100 people. The confident, impassioned performance suited what The Obelisk called the “vitality and adventurousness” of the album.

Sun Blood Stories on its journey to the end of the night
Photo: Ben Schultz

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