Otherworldly Tunage

This is a great album I stumbled across today. I started listening and writing some notes, and eventually, I had to cheat and just do some Googling. I was writing things like “a lot of guitar slides.” I watched a video of the band playing live and saw that they have a lap steel guitar player, as well as someone playing the viola (or violin, I’m not sure, but it looks like a big violin). I was also surprised to find out that they were from Idaho, because it seems like most great bands like this are from Greece or Australia or something.

Their Bandcamp refers to the band as “high desert rockers” which makes sense. I find myself wanting to use the word “laidback” a lot. It’s got a very relaxed and comfortable vibe overall.

The opening track (as well as my introduction to this band), Palace Mountain Mirage, is instrumental. It’s the one played in the live video I found after deciding that a little Googling was in order. Vocals make their appearance by the time the second song, West The Sun, starts up. When I start albums like this, it’s always fun to guess whether or not the band will be instrumental.

“Time Like Smoke” is a more experimental / ambient piece that sounds more like a soundscape than a song. It oddly reminds me of Pink Floyd because there’s a sample in which it almost sounds like someone chuckling (or maybe that’s in my head) and it reminds of a specific section on the album Dark Side of the Moon.

In fact, to me, it seems as if the entire second half of the record is a little more spread out, spacey, and experimental. The journey the album takes you on from start to finish is a well thought-out one.


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